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Thank you for visiting my new website. I'm a head of LEOVAN Removals family run business with 100's of families households moved around Surrey and London. We are taking a pride with what we do as I put mine name as a reputation of our removal firm.

I have been driving large vehicles since I was 17 and have 1000's of miles and tons of experience with safe loading, securing and unloading my truck. Just this year I moved over 100 tons of worth furniture and boxes with household content. All my friends know I don't go to gym after work. Some times people ask how I came up with name for my firm. Idea was quite simple to combine two words together as well as keep it short. At this time of my life I was into Lions and loved animals all my life, on other hand I was thinking about buying my first removal van. As I love small LEO's and big VAN's new name appear for my small removal firm

When you call us you will speak to me or lady will answer, you will speak then to Maria my lovely wife. She always will try to help you in any type of requirements, to make sure everyone is happy at the end of day. 

Looking forward in helping you with your next move.

Tomasz Ostalowski



Home removals Surrey Leovan
Home removals Surrey Leovan

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